Adrian Young

Artist Bio 

I am a graphic designer/typographer/book designer/exhibition designer and have worked in London and in Canberra where I was Head of Graphic Design at the ANU for many years. With a colleague, Kathie Griffiths, we were Griffith & Young Design. The company designed exhibitions for The National Library, The National Archives, The Australian War Memorial and Old Parliament House as well as publications and print media for many government departments. Currently I design for cultural institutions. I don’t have a website or any links to social media.

Artist Statement 

My poster is an attempt to capture the feeling of now. September 2020. The pandemic is far from over. The economy is in recession. The results of the fires, dust and storms of January are still with us. We must carefully consider what will be the best way to produce a safe future for the next generation. I have used positive colours, blue sky, bright sun and red flames which in an Austraian context reference renewal as well as destruction. The design is deliberately enigmatic. From a distance you will read the face and note where the figure is looking then come much closer and see what she may be reading or thinking about. Nothing is obvious. There are no answers to our situation at present. However it is not without hope. 2020 will be remembered as a year when the close links between the peoples of our world were tested as never before. Humanity has suffered many plagues, wars and natural disasters but there has never been an era when efforts to combat them have been able to be viewed in real time. We can judge our city, state or country against the richest and poorest around the world and see how we compare. Women have proved to be the most empathetic of those trying to ameliorate our situation so I have included a female figure contemplating the present time. I have used the design of the credits to include references which I consider important. There is not enough space to do more than allude to some of the events for which 2020 will be remembered.