Adrian Capulong

Artist Bio 

Adrian Capulong is a current undergraduate at the School of Art and Design at the Australian National University. He was born in the Philippines and started living in Australia with his family at age 11. As a kid he basked in creativity, picking up an interest in drawing and experimenting with various mediums as he grew up. During high school and college, Capulong has attended a placement at the ANU School of Art and Design, exhibited works at Limelight, created murals for the school, ventured into drama and theatre production creating quality promotional posters and playing significant roles for Hawker College’s major productions: Play On! and Rock of Ages. His dedication to his art earned him a scholarship from the Belconnen Rotary Trash and Treasure in high school to aid his studies and an outstanding achievement award in performing and visual arts from the BSSS in college. Now on his 3rd year at ANU, Capulong has traversed back and forth between digital and traditional art mediums and somewhere in the middle finding methods to interweave the two. He is an artist with curiosity, constantly learning and constantly growing.

Artist Statement 

A year of a pandemic, protests, bushfires and many challenges. That is 2020 and so far it has definitely been a journey. Things were ordinary when it suddenly felt like we were thrown in a whirlwind of uncertainty. Each individual had their own battle to win and what I saw is the resilience and hope within a person. I created Within, a piece that revolves around this positive aspect of the year 2020, the resilience and hope people hold. Hope is embodied by a child, to serve as a reminder that the world we are shaping will be the one our children will walk on in the future. The Black Lives Matter movement and climate change are matters of personal importance to me. It is consequential that we do things right, for us and for the future. Be as resilient as a flower that blooms right through the cracks.