aMBUSH Gallery is much more than a physical exhibition space. It’s an innovative program of site-specific, project-based art activations stemming from a unique fusion of philanthropic and commercial impulses.

This multi-award winning gallery has a demonstrated history of staging highly successful activations, which not only engage and entertain audiences, but also provides sustainable futures for emerging and established artists.

aMBUSH Gallery, which is an initiative of Wiltshire + Dimas Management, has made a significant contribution to the social and cultural development of metropolitan and regional Australia. Major projects have included the Central Park Pop Up Gallery, the groundbreaking Outpost Project at Cockatoo Island, which was the biggest street art festival in the world and the first such event to be held in Australia, and Project Five, an initiative which provides opportunities for artistic youth.

aMBUSH Gallery has evolved from its early life as a propagator of young and emerging artists and is now cementing its role as a facilitator and nurturer of cultural development. At the forefront of its field not only as a platform for art but a hub of innovation and creative progress, aMBUSH Gallery has a revolving calendar of free public events at its outdoor exhibition space OPEN – a public art site and OPEN UP – a market for art, design and ideas.


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